Mask Your Email

Mask Your Email

Mask creates a one-time mail box that bounces to your primary email address. Never share your email with another site you don’t trust and put an end to unwanted junk for good.

And the best part... it's free!

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  • Available for:
  • Google Chrome
  • Mozilla Firefox
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Mask keeps spam and junk out of your inbox. It's the best way to protect your email.

Getting rid of the junk

Put an end to invasive, unwanted mail. Subscribe to any services you want with zero risk. Your email address will always be kept private.

Effective and intuitive

Mask is there right when you need it. Input your own email address or the address provided by Mask in just one click. It’s that simple.

Instant email management

Interested in a particular subscription? No problem! Easily set auto-redirect and receive emails you want right to your inbox. It's up to you!